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I had an incredibly inspiring coach who helped me to improve and manage my credit.
Melissa Castro, Wellness Advocate & Educator, York, NY
My score went up 127 points while working with Your Credit Coach. Now I have more spending power than ever before!
Daton Haywood
My credit score increased significantly. I really recommend Your Credit Coach.
Kirsten Canela

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a House

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a House The journey to home ownership is wrought with challenges big and small. The most subtle mistake on your part can cost you your down payment, the house you wanted, and the months that it could take you to find another home. It could be very unforgiving. If you know the pitfalls you can avoid those kind of mistakes and enjoy you home [...]

Auto Finance vs. Leasing?

Congratulations!  You built your credit up and now it’s time for you get a car!  With financing and leasing being the most popular options, which is the best way to go?  I went through the pros and the cons of each to give you insight on what can be the best route for you. Pros of Financing:  Allows you to buy a car without paying the full price up front. [...]

You Are Not Your Credit!

If you’ve never made mistakes with credit this is not for you. If you’ve never made a mistake in life, living isn’t for you. Your past tells you where you’ve been but it doesn’t tell you who you are. Many people attach their feeling of self worth to their credit score. Imagine if we did that with everything in life. “I forgot to take out the garbage, that means I’m [...]

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