3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a House

The journey to home ownership is wrought with challenges big and small. The most subtle mistake on your part can cost you your down payment, the house you wanted, and the months that it could take you to find another home. It could be very unforgiving. If you know the pitfalls you can avoid those kind of mistakes and enjoy you home where you can watch your children shovel snow while you stand inside drinking hot chocolate… The life!

Here are 3 things that you can avoid that have claimed the keys to homes that would-be home buyers have lost out on because of:

Never Apply For New Credit

Would you believe that overzealous home buyers have stopped themselves from their home ownership goals by buying everything from cars, to furniture, to jewelry? Really? You want to get a convertible a week before, and not AFTER closing? This has happened, and I saw it. These mistakes are more common than they should be, but thankfully, you won’t be making this mistake… Right?

Not Shopping for Mortgages at the Same Time

When you’re shopping for a mortgage, every mortgage banker is going to want to run your credit. Mostly because they need to assure the score is what you say it is, but also because if you run your credit with them, they’re more likely to get your business. Didn’t think of that, huh? Either way, it is important that you get a second opinion from another banker just to have something to compare it to. Now, being that the market is so regulated, most bankers are going to give you the same loan with a similar rate and closing cost. Still, it couldn’t hurt to have another quote. The mistake that people make is that they get the quotes too far apart. When you get a couple of mortgage quotes in a week’s time, your credit won’t suffer the hit as it would if you did it with weeks or months in between quotes. This is a means of allowing home buyers to shop around without being punished for doing so. If you’re shopping for a mortgage, get your quotes done around the same time and you’re credit will thank you.

Never Co-Sign for Anything

This one is a bit obvious. If you co-sign for something for someone, they control your credit as much as you do. Send your favorite nephew to a credit specialist or add him as an authorized user to a credit card that he never sees if you want to help him. Don’t hurt yourself by sacrificing your hopes and dreams for his car. He’ll get the car that he wants when he builds the credit or saves that money he needs to. That’s not your problem.

We all make mistakes in life. Just don’t make these mistakes. You are smarter than that. If you weren’t before, you are now. Buying a house is a much greater gift that you can give yourself than having the wind blowing through your hair as your loan gets denied. You can and will be a home owner with patience and particular attention to details. Some small, some big. Whatever they are, be smart and ask for help before you do something that my jeopardy. Happy hunting!