• Would like to have the process done for you

  • Primarily want to remove negative inaccuracies from your credit report

  • Want to rebuild negative credit history

here Credit Coaching take a more holistic approach.

“If someone fixes your credit for you, they change a score.  If we do it together, we change a life.”

Our coaching programs include the credit repair process, or credit repair templates that will empower you to get great results for yourself.  As amazing as our results have been while taking on the credit bureaus, we take pride in helping people to embrace credit as a life skill rather than an obstacle.  The 6 Coaching Modules that we work on focus on:

  1. Assessing where you are (Understanding your credit report).
  2. Budgeting
  3. Paying off debt
  4. Boosting your credit
  5. Optimizing your credit
  6. Ready, Aim, Fire… Going for your goals!

This level of coaching isn’t for everyone.  We only accept people who are committed to getting amazing results in their credit and achieving their credit goals.

follow This is for you if:

  • You want to qualify for high limit credit cards and personal loans.

  • Are planning on buying a house within a year or two.

  • Want to get access to funding for your business.

  • Have no/ limited credit and want to build it.